About us

GAZ VR is a producer and creative studio of audiovisual content, graphic and 3D animation for virtual reality, the new media of communications that manage to cross the screen and place the audience in the center of the action.

GAZ VR is integrated by a team of multidisciplinary professionals, from different sectors (film, music production, television, communication, software development, graphic design and 3D animation) that put their experience at the service of a common dream: to tell stories differently.


Alfonso Mardones Executive Producer / CEO

Isabel Oliart Executive Producer

Rafa Celda Executive Producer

Nacho Hernando Software Development Manager

Juanen Aguilar Lara Senior Audiovisual Designer

Gonzalo Fuentes Jodar VR Designer

Ascen Ramos Social Media Manager & Producer

Eduardo Suárez Producer

Rainer Alcanda Junior 3D Designer

Alicia Gumuzio Mega Cool Administration

Polo Lam Global Marketing Assistant