Presenting a series of votive sculptures arranged in an archipelago as the tree of life.

They inquire into the notion of the sacred and the current relationship of the beloved and revered.

They sense the path of the cave to the Virtual Reality and from the Virtual Reality to the cave, in a critical encounter between two opposite times obligated to live together in the present.

References of the contemporary popular culture merge together with the votive forms of the first manifestations of the religious culture.

Popular psychology gathers the witness of the mystery, and trends and fashions impose a changing scenario where the significance lies in the medium. The novel form is the message.

What is the sacred meaning? What place occupies the divine in the current culture?

The medium and the message go hand in hand to present this boundless journey of the search for its meaning, in the union of the human being by its (infinite) spiritual dimension with a (finite) material existence.