NO MIRES A OTRO LADO is a pioneer project that arises from the idea of eradicating gender-based violence in Spain. It is an awareness raising campaign against gender violence created by GAZ for Iberdrola in coordination with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Equality in Spain.

Humiliation, control over intimacy and physical violence against women are condemned in this campaign, that aims to involve the entire community in order to stop this unbearable reality. Taking what seem to be normal situations as a starting point (watching TV at home, having something to eat at a restaurant or being in the park), we become witnesses of the oppressive violence of which three women are victims. Virtual Reality grows to be essential when it comes to emphasize the truthfulness of the situation and, above all, the viewer’s decision of paying attention to a scene in an active and voluntary basis. GAZ has been fully engaged in every process of the campaign: from the script up to the post-production.

Three audiovisual pieces highlight those moments where the witness chooses not to become an accomplice. Instead, he or she decides not to look away and report the abuse. This campaign is aimed at all kinds of audiences, both teenagers and adults, to raise awareness of the need to take the lead in the event of witnessing abuse. The thrust of these pieces is that the solution lies in each individual, who must feel the responsibility to participate actively in the process of change.