ASIGNATURA EMPATÍA (CLASS OF EMPATHY) is a project that is born as a result of the commitment with the Ministry of Cultural Education and Sport and Samsung to eradicate school bullying from Educational Centers.

The piece is directed toward a teen audience that has inspired us to do a series of audiovisual content, both from the viewpoint around the visual environment and the narrative language.

In order to develop the argument, we start with Kiva method, a Finnish program that has just ended school harassment in their country and is being implemented successfully beyond their borders.

The central idea of this piece is to illustrate that the solution is in the group and empathy is always the key. It is the group who fuels the conflict and in the moment in which it stops, the problem disappears.

Departing from a very common problem in the school environment (a boy that misses an important basket) is triggered by an agonizing situation of school bullying, which is heightened when spread through Social Networks.

The piece was launched in AULA (International Fair of Educational Offer), and seen as highly impactful in the media.

Without a doubt the most important thing is the impact it has on adolescents who recognize they can change their way of dealing with the problem, by becoming aware that harassment is not only a matter between the victim and the tormentor, but the educational community as a whole.