VR Production

GAZ takes on the complete production of any type of virtual reality project, from the creative concept to the design and the scheduling of immersive pieces for all platforms of VR distribution.

The VR requires a capacity I + D not only periodically but almost daily. The velocity technology is organized in order to propose content, that they add day to day the introduction of the user like a typical virtual body and added feelings (The feel is the most immediate and the best development) in performing facilities, for example.


3D Scanning


In GAZ we try to facilitate the access to a great variety of services through virtual reality and of their countless applications. With the Capture of Matterport Reality, you could know in detail, any scenario, now for professional use of entertainment and culture.

With our HD equipment we record any space or structure, giving an exact idea of its characteristics to whoever needs it and making it possible to navigate it by web, mobile devices and even virtual reality environments.




GAZ counts on professionals with licenses for the use of drones, which allows us to take the best part of our 360º cameras in order to create high quality pieces. Two technologies when combined, multiply their efficiency and utility creating impressive productions.




GAZ counts on rental services of the latest technical equipment for those that desire it.